How to choose the best payment service for your business

When you are starting up your own business or perhaps want to expand to eCommerce, then one of the most important things that you need to do is to figure out the best payment service that fits your needs. This is the provider that will help you get the money that your customers pay you, so you have to make a studied decision. Here are a few things that you should consider when deciding which best payment service suits your requirements:


Check for security

When you are looking for the best payment service for your business online, you should first look into how secure the transactions will be. Get to know the measures that they take about encrypting information. You also need to check whether the service is PCI compliant.

Account setup

There are some online payment services that require your business to submit certain documents in order for your account to get setup. There are also those that’ll charge you a fee for opening up a business account. These onboarding processes might be too complicated, take too long, or cost too much for you to deal with. It’s good to know that there are payment providers that enable you to set up your account for free quickly.

Payment methods

Figuring out the payment methods you want to provide your customers is another thing you should consider with an online payment service. There are some with limited currencies or only take a few credit and debit cards. The best type of provider will offer you a wider array of choices to offer your buyers.

Navigation and integration

Choose a payment service provider that won’t require you to go running to your IT guy every time you need to check it. There are some providers that allow you to keep track of your transactions through a user-friendly CRM to make things easier for you. They even provide you assistance with your online inventory and accounting of the sales that you have already made.

Ease of use

The service that you get should be able to get you all the information that you need about your business’ transactions through systems that are easy for you to navigate. The payment service should also be easily integrated with your website without having to link out to a payment form. This will enable faster transactions and a smoother buying experience for your customers.


Another important factor when choosing a payment provider is its pricing. These services offer a number of pricing models at different amounts. Check if there are any recurring charges that you may incur per month or transaction, whether they charge you for cashing out or any other additional charges they may add on to the rate that you are already paying. In most instances, the best payment service to choose is the ones who already layout their costs as a flat rate. This way you can also take this amount to fit in with the business’ budget.